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Can one kid
change the world?

Nico Makes A Difference

Can one kid change the world? IT CAN HAPPEN!


Nico is a curious, ambitious, and life-giving 7-year-old boy ready to change the world and he starts by making an impact in his community. This multi-book series explores different social issues in each book from hunger to pet rescues to giving back to first responders and more.


In each story, Nico is presented with a different social problem from the view of a child. Through the stories Nico asks questions and learns about these problems, and comes up with an incredible way to give back to help the problem at hand. In book two of the series, Nico gets introduced to his pet Goldendoodle, Nala, when he rescues her from a local shelter. Nico and Nala then work together through different ways to give back in future books.

Not only does Nico take action to make a difference, but he does it in a way children readers can understand and actually do in their very own community.


Why the world needs nico

It’s never too early to start teaching children to give or to engage children with the concept of charity. Any parent trying to get an active toddler to share with others can understand. Giving has long-term impacts beyond the playgroup and the schoolyard.


Generosity can set the stage for better health with several benefits on individual wellbeing. Research shows the act releases hormones in the body that can contribute to better moods, improved physical health, and increased longevity.

To add, we all have causes we believe in and a change we’d like to see in the world. What better way to create change than to show a child how to do it through a book and an example of how to do it.

Nico Makes A Difference gives parents an easy way to teach their kids how they can give back at an early age and at the end of each story there are tangible ways to make that happen.

The author, Nick Marino Jr. has at minimum 12 different causes to explore to help kids understand the problem at hand and ways to help.


Meet Nick Marino Jr.

Nick is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and lover of life. People say he is, "contagiously infected with enthusiasm and passion," because of all of the energy he has.

In 2015, Nick created Feed The City events in Dallas, TX to help bring communities together and provide meals to people in need. To date, there have been over 1,050 events that have hosted over 80,000 volunteers in 5 countries, 14 states, 57 cities, and has provided over 5.4 MILLION MEALS to people in need.

Nick also started the company, That's Just Good which is a Social Impact Event Planning company that works with companies, schools, religious organizations, and more to create impactful team-building events around the United States.

Over the years Nick has been recognized as a 30 Under 30 Future Leader of Dallas in 2012 to Top Texans Under 30 in 2016 to the recipient of the Unity In the Community Award in Dallas in 2017 to the Inc. 5000 in 2022.


Note: This book does not include a table of contents nor chapters 


WHY Publish

This series not only provides a world changing message, but the activities that will happen in cities around the globe will make an everlasting impact.



This book is heavy on illustrations that would be displayed as the background on each page.



Newborn to age 5: Picture books in the form of soft books.

(Predominantly ages 3-5)


FInd the book

This book would be able to be available online and in bookstores.



The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need

by: Jan & Stan Berenstain

The Berenstain family decides they need to clean out their house and give away their old belongings. The young bears learn that their outgrown items can benefit others in need.

Pass It On

by: Sophy Henn

In this delightfully upbeat picture book, author-illustrator Sophy Henn shows children that passing along a smile or sharing a moment of joy is often the best gift. 

The Thank You Letter

by: Jane Cabrera

After Grace receives a bounty of birthday gifts from friends and family, she sits down to write them a note of thanks. Soon, Grace discovers that expressing gratitude feels pretty wonderful, so she writes thank you letters to everyone in her community. 


Rufus and Ryan Give Thanks

by: Kathleen Long Bostrom

Ryan and his stuffed monkey, Rufus, go on an adventure to learn about gratitude, giving thanks for all the things that make Ryan happy.

The Giving Book

by Ellen Sabin

An interactive and entertaining book, The Giving Book teaches children about giving and lets them plan their philanthropic journey.

Give Me Half 

by: Stuart J. Murphy

This book is a lesson on fractions, but it also teaches little ones about the importance of sharing. To make these two concepts a little easier to comprehend, Murphy uses a piece of pizza to explain math and generosity.


Nick Marino Jr.

4801 Spring Valley Rd #20

Farmers Branch, TX 75244

(214) 395-4269

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